...małe wielkie rzeczy moja "Fabryka wspomnień"

For many years a camera is my companion during travelling and day-to-day life.

It helps me remember all wonderful moments I've had and great people I've met.

The camera was with me when my children Franio and Gabi were born. They turned my life upside down but thanks to them I looked at the autumn leaves and chestnuts again with a childish innocent and unlimited joy.

I fly around like a butterfly and try to catch radiant smiles, kisses, joys and sometmes sadness.

All those magic moments I perpetuate like painters their beautiful landscapes on canvas.

Everybody wants to keep extraordinary moments forever in his minds. Children first days or years, smiles, strawberies,chocolate or ice cream ...

All of them should remind you moments of happiness.

I just help them stay with you forever.

Ponad wszystko kocham swoją rodzinę, czego objawem są zdjęcia które tu znajdziesz.
Ciesz się chwilą i nie spiesz się ...

My absolute love is my family. You will find them on much of these pages.
Enjoy this peek into my love of photography and take your time ...

Teresa & Robert

I am wishing you Good Wishes Opening with Happy firework for the Ceremony On the entire ground as the dome and Gorgeous Sky as the crown with Rain of beautiful flowers with the, Soft wind of sweet and delightful music, Clouds resembling the word "Congratulations" And with the tiny brightening starts on it Twinkling to bring a smile for you ever and ever To wish You "Happy Married Life"